Our Services

We offer a wide-range of benefits:

Professional consultancy
Our specialization on US automotive glass enables us to give you expert advice in finding the right part. It saves you needless time and effort and potential aggravation with wrong orders.

Delivery of glass and accessories
We unerringly find the correct glass part and deliver quickly and reliably over the whole of Europe - whether the glass part is out of our large variety of stocked goods or whether we fly your special order in.

Fast and safe shipment
We deliver the high-quality glass professionally packed; within Germany mostly per overnight express. Excellent logistics are the result of selected forwarding agencies and professional packers.

Premium quality at affordable prices
In spite of currency fluctuation we always sell at fair fixed prices that meet the current market prices. This way you receive OE quality from America to fair conditions, which you can pass on to your customers.

Flow of information 
We are happy to inform you about current selling prices of our parts on the European market.